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This includes:
Online home loan applications/approvals to and from all major banks.
Again, for professional reasons we prefer to be involved in projects from the outset. This includes assistance in applications for rezoning, establishment of township, preparation of agreements of sale and marketing strategies.


Is there a standard contract (Offer to Purchase)?
Although there is no prescribed or standard format for an Offer to Purchase, a specimen is available with guidelines on how to complete the form.

For both the purchaser and the seller.

  • Complete the Unit No, Complex and Garage/Carport/Parking No. Body Corporate and Levy in case of Sectional or full title unit and Street Address, Stand No and suburb in case of a dwelling.
  • The purchase Price is the amount the seller asks for the property.
  • Complete the deposit amount as well as the time period in which the deposit will be paid.
  • Complete the period you need to deliver guarantees (60 days).
  • Complete the amount for which the purchaser is going to apply for a loan and the time period he needs to do this (e.g. 10 days).
  • Complete the occupation date and occupational rent amount. The occupation date should be as close as possible to the date on which registration takes place. This date should never be earlier than the date on which guarantees are delivered. Occupational rent is normally calculated at 1% of the Purchase Price.
  • Complete the date by which the seller has to accept the offer.
  • Here you must specify any movables that will be included in the price or any other special arrangements between purchaser and seller.
  • Make sure that the contract is signed by all relevant parties and that each page of the contract, as well as any amendments have been initiated.

To download a standard Offer to Purchase contract, click here.

Who appoints the registering attorney?
A very important decision to be made by the seller when signing the OTP is who will be the conveyancer overseeing the registration of the property in the name of the buyer.

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